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The unexpected unicorn…

Jonathan took a sip from his mint milkshake as he proofread the last paragraph he had written on his laptop. It all made sense to him but would others think the same? Maybe Anne or Glenn should take a look at it and give him some feedback. He was sitting in his favorite booth in […]

The rest is history…

She could have sworn she had put her favorite pen on her desk but it was gone. Where could it be? Could Jonathan have taken it? No, he wouldn’t do that and why would he need to use her pen when there were dozens of other pens in the house. Maybe one of the cats […]

9.02 – Devil May Care

Wie soll man sich denn bei der Folge für ein Bild entscheiden? CROWLEY ist großartig, wie er im eigenen Saft schmort, ABADDON + DEAN sind sexy, und SAM mit blauen Angel-Eyes … are so many Feelings!


The opposite of a problem…

Jennifer drove the car into the garage after she got home from work. Her day had gone quite well and she felt good about the work she had done but she really looked forward to getting home to Jonathan, who had only been released from the hospital a few weeks ago. It was good to […]

Maybe… (part 8)

Jennifer almost ran all the way back, down the street and she finally reached her house. She pulled the keys out of her pocket and for a moment she was scared that they wouldn’t fit again but she had checked the mailbox and saw her name, Jonathan’s name and Anne’s name on it. She was […]

Maybe… (part 7)

The sun was slowly rising as Jennifer and the alternate universe’s version of Jonathan walked through the woods again, hoping this time the portal would open up again. The conditions were the same as the morning Jennifer crossed over, the time was right, everything seemed to be the same, the light of the raising sun, […]

Maybe… (part 6)

Part 6

The apartment was big for one person and crammed with books. It reminded Jennifer a little bit of where she and Jonathan used to live before they bought the house. It was tidy and clean and it seemed comfortable. This place missed a cat though, Jennifer thought, he should get a cat. There […]