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It’s been a hard day at work so Jennifer was glad to be back home. She and Anne were in the kitchen making coffee, both of them needed it today.
“The weekend can’t come soon enough”, Jennifer said and sighed.
“Yeah, and it’s only Tuesday.”, Anne reminded her of this unpleasant fact.
“I could use a nice long vacation someplace warm.” Their last vacation was years ago when they visited Jonathan’s parents in Vancouver. She loved the city but it wasn’t the Caribbean. She started daydreaming about white sand beaches and palm trees and swimming in the warm ocean. She decided to talk to her husband about it later.
“That sounds romantic, I’d just need a boyfriend.” Anne looked sad for a second.
“You’ll find someone.” Jennifer reassured her friend who didn’t have a lot of luck with men.
She heard Jonathan’s car in the garage. He was late today because he had to work overtime, he and Glenn had some problems with their project. He’d probably be tired, too.
When he entered through the door he didn’t look like it though. He actually looked excited.
He came into the kitchen.
“Hi honey, guess what?!”, he said.
Jennifer was confused. “I don’t know, did you win the Nobel Prize?”
“No. Better.”, he smiled and opened the fridge to take out a bottle of ginger ale.
“What’s better than the Nobel Prize?”, Anne wanted to know.
Jennifer got very curious, she didn’t often see him excited like this except when he made an interesting discovery or when he had taught the cat a new trick or when he got some cheesecake.
“Just spill it.”
“Alright. So today I bought a ticket to a Supernatural convention in Portland. Plus a ticket for a photo op with Jensen Ackles. Don’t be jealous.” He told them like it was the best thing he had ever done.
Jennifer laughed. His crush on Jensen Ackles was cute and she was actually happy for him.
“That’s amazing, honey. I’d actually love to come with so I could watch you fangirl over him.”
Jonathan grinned. “I knew it, that’s why I bought you a ticket, too.”
And with that he left the kitchen to go to the bathroom.
Jennifer smiled and shook her head. He managed to brighten her day again.
Anne laughed. “Man… he’s really something else.”
“I know,” Jennifer took a sip from her coffee, “that’s why I love him.”…

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