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Jennifer put her bag in the trunk of her husband’s car. “I think we have everything.”, she told Jonathan. He was still in the kitchen giving the cats some treats before they left.
“What about road snacks?”, he asked.
“We got ginger ale, gummy bears, Doritos and M&Ms.”
“Awesome.” Apparently Jonathan was still saying goodbye to Lucina, their oldest cat. She had always been very attached to him but since he got home from the hospital after the accident she didn’t want to leave his side and often followed him around the house. It was cute but sometimes made it difficult to leave the house, especially for a few days. And Jennifer couldn’t wait to get away for the weekend. They had bought a cabin by a lake in Vermont, it was beautiful, especially now in the fall when the leaves changed colors. The 4-5 hours drive was worth it.
“Honey!”, she called.
“I’m coming.”
A few seconds later he came through the garage door, closed it behind him. “Let’s go.”
Both of them got into the car and they drove off towards a quiet and relaxing weekend.

Jennifer enjoyed the scenery while Jonathan was driving. They would probably get there around 7 pm which wasn’t too bad. Still enough time to take a nice evening walk at the lake. She was really looking forward to spending the weekend with Jonathan, just the two of them. Life had been very stressful with Jonathan’s parents moving into town and opening a new restaurant, babysitting for Thomas and Anne, there was always something. And then there was work. She knew that Jonathan had worked hard and needed a little break, too. He had gone back to work in January which was a year after the accident but she wasn’t sure if that wasn’t too early, he could have used 1 or 2 more months to recover, she thought. But he was going crazy staying at home. But either way he would be fine eventually.
They had been on the road for 2 hours and the sun was starting to set, it was a beautiful light. Both of them were tired so they didn’t talk much but it wasn’t an awkward silence.
“Are you still okay to drive?”, she asked him.
“Yeah, sure. We’re already halfway there, it’s fine.”
She gave him a loving pat on the shoulder.
“What do you want to do tonight when we get there?”, she asked him.
“I don’t know… eat?”
“I knew you’d say that.” They chuckled.
“We could sit at the lake, do some stargazing.”, he suggested.
“That sounds lovely.”

Half an hour later Jennifer fell asleep, she was just too tired. And when Jonathan softly woke her up they had arrived at the cabin.
“Hey.”, he said. “We’re here.”
She looked at him and smiled. He looked tired too but he seemed to be in a good mood, his blue eyes were almost shining, it was probably the lighting but it was almost magical. Also she thought he looked really sexy in his grey Henley, very cuddly. She loved him so much.
“Is everything alright?”
“yes, it’s perfect.”
They got out of the car, carried their bags into the cabin and just collapsed on the couch. It would be a wonderful weekend…

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