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The hidden blessing…

In a few months he would drive this route every day, Jonathan thought. It may be a longer drive home but it would be worth it. They would finally leave their old small apartment behind and move into the new house with much more space for them, their books and their cat.
But till they could move in they had to do some major renovations. It was a lovely location and a beautiful house but it was old and had been vacant for years. They had to take out everything from the old furniture to kitchen and the bathroom, pipes, power lines, the flooring, the old wallpapers, windows, doors. He and Jennifer hired someone to do most of the work because they really had no experience with renovating houses and they didn’t want to mess it up.
He was going to meet Jennifer there today to discuss some things, make some decisions to make this house their own.

Half an hour later he entered the house and greeted some of the carpenters and painters.
They had made some progress. New windows were being installed and everything looked much better than when they entered the house for the first time.
“Hey, I gotta show you something.”, Jennifer called out when she saw him. She was in the future kitchen and dining room. He followed her through the kitchen door to the deck in the back yard.
“What is it?”
“When the guys removed the pile of wooden planks and old boxes they discovered something hidden under there.”, she pointed to an old weathered hot tub. “They aren’t sure if they can fix it but wouldn’t it be amazing to have our own hot tub?” She seemed very excited by the idea.
“A hot tub? I don’t know… do we really need one?”
“Look, I know you’re not really into bathing or swimming or being shirtless.. but… this would be just for us. Just imagine sitting here after a long day, just you and me relaxing.. I think you’d love it.”
Jonathan admitted that this did indeed sound very nice and she seemed to love the idea and how could he ever say no to her? Not that she needed his permission.
“Alright, why not?”, he finally said. Jennifer was very happy and gave him a tight hug.
“You’re not going to regret it.”
And she was right. Even though ended up having to replace the old hot tub with a brand new one it turned out to be one of their favorite things about the house. After Jonathan overcame his insecurities after the first few times he started to love it. And they would spend many nice and relaxing sometimes even romantic hours in the hot tub…

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