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The missing lock…

The sky was clouded and a cool wind was blowing as Jennifer walked down the streets in her neighborhood. She just had to get out and take a walk after 2 days of writing. Her novel was coming along great but everyone needed a break now and then. She enjoyed the fresh salty air. She passed some houses, looked the front yards and porches. Some were very neat with trimmed lawns and flowers, nicely decorated, others were overgrown but charming. She saw bushes and trees and a huge flower pot that looked like it was a repurposed drum from a washing machine. Some people were really creative.
Jennifer turned left after the next house and walked along a narrow path between rows of maple trees. It lead her to the beach and she decided to take the beach route back home.
The sound of the waves and the seagulls was soothing, she was not in a hurry so she took it all in and walked slowly on the sand.
After a few minutes something in the sand caught her eye, something small and shiny. She reached down to check it out, it took her a few seconds to get it out of the sand completely. She inspected it and it looked like an old and rusty, and now sandy, bead chain necklace with a small key attached to it. Could it have been washed up on the shore? She cleaned it from the sand to take it back home. There was something about it that she found fascinating. Who did it belong to and what would the key open? As a writer it inspired her.
She would ask her husband about it, maybe he had an idea, maybe he recognized the kind of key. She remembered that he told her he wanted to try a new waffle recipe that he got from his father. The prospect of fresh waffles made her walk faster…

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