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The unexpected unicorn…

Jonathan took a sip from his mint milkshake as he proofread the last paragraph he had written on his laptop. It all made sense to him but would others think the same? Maybe Anne or Glenn should take a look at it and give him some feedback.
He was sitting in his favorite booth in Dean’s Diner, it was a quiet Saturday afternoon and they had the best cheesecake. He looked out the window where the harbor and the promenade was. The weather was sunny and one of the whale watching our boats just returned and docked. The people looked happy and excited so he assumed the tour was a success. Jonathan loved whales but he had never done a whale watching tour and he wondered why. Maybe it was because he had always lived by the ocean and thought he would just do it some day but he never did. Maybe it was time.
But not now, he decided. He needed to finish this paper. A few weeks ago he had discovered an odd pattern in some of their readings and after some experiments and calculations he was certain that they were looking at a particle that nobody had seen or thought of before. Glenn thought he was crazy but when Jonathan came up with a way to prove its existence and the experiment was successful he took it back. Even though he and Anne had put actual money on his failure. This discovery was a happy accident. They had called it the unicorn particle and the name kind of stuck, but he wasn’t sure he would call it that in his paper.
He was going through some calculations in his notebook when the waitress approached his table.
“Is everything alright? Can I get you anything else?”, Kirstie asked.
Jonathan looked up. He could eat something sweet. “What’s the pie today?”
“Key Lime Pie. It’s delicious.”, she said with a smile.
“Oh that sounds great. And some ginger ale, please.”
“Coming right up.” Kristie said as she took the empty milk shake glass from the table and disappeared into the kitchen.
Jonathan put the book away, closed his laptop and decided it was enough for today.
The phone in the pouch of his hoodie sweater buzzed. Jonathan hoped it wasn’t work related so he was delighted when he saw it was a message from Jennifer. She and Sarah were at a conference in Portland for the whole day.

Conference is very interesting, we’re taking a break right now. What are you up to?

Attached he found a very rare selfie of her. She usually didn’t do those but this time she did. Her brown long hair was wavy today and her blue eyes looked especially blue, she swore a white top and she gave him a thumbs up. She looked like an angel he thought. He smiled to himself as he felt the butterflies, even after 20 years….

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