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Unicorns of the sea…

The lab was quiet and Anne went over some calculations that Jonathan gave her. He and Glenn were sitting at a table and discussing the latest results of their experiments. They had reached another point in their project where they needed a few days to figure out some problems.
She approached their table with the papers in her hands, ready to talk about them. Both guys seemed to be discussing something very important so she didn’t want to disturb them and just sat down and listened.
“I don’t know, man. That’s not how I remember it.”, Jonathan said.
“I swear. I’m 100% sure. They’re bouncing.”
“Why should they bounce, it doesn’t make any sense anyway.”
Glenn cleared his throat.
Jonathan rolled his eyes. “Just don’t…-” But it was too late.
Glenn started singing loudly. “Gummiii Beeears, bouncing here and there and everywhere…”
“Alright! They’re bouncing. Whatever. I’ve always preferred the Care Bears anyway.”
Anne had to laugh. “You two are idiots.” Jonathan and Glenn liked to bring some fun into the lab which everyone appreciated.
Glenn looked at her and smiled. “We know.”
“And everybody knows that Winnie the Pooh was the best.”, Anne added.
“So what’s up?”, Jonathan asked her.
“Well, your calculations. I have a few questions about them like what the hell is that?” Anne was puzzled by what she had read. She was pretty smart herself but Jonathan was a genius and sometimes his equations and ideas were way above her pay grade. She knew him very well so she knew that he was always willing to explain every detail when someone asked. This time she had absolutely no idea what she was even looking at.
“We can go through everything later this afternoon.” Jonathan suggested.
“Alright, but bring some candy. It will probably take a while.”
A phone rang. It was Glenn’s. “Excuse me, that’s my wife. Gotta take it if I want to live.” He stood up and took a few steps back to talk to his wife in private. Anne watched him. He looked a little confused by what he was hearing.
“My wife wants me to buy her a coffee table book with pictures of narwhals.” He announced when he returned to the table. “God knows why.”
“Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea.”, Jonathan explained.
Anne knew Glenn’s wife, she could be pretty random sometimes. She took painting lessons just to know how to paint durians. A few weeks ago Glenn had complained about the masses of durian pantings in their house. Anne liked her…

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