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Sleeping ducks…

Jonathan let out a sigh of relief when the doors to the hospital closed behind them. He had hoped never to set foot in a hospital again but this time it was actually a joyous occasion.
“Twins! Can you believe it?”, Jennifer said still in disbelief. Anne had just given birth to twin girls very early in the morning. Jonathan’s twin brother Thomas was the father and all of them were there for her all night. Jonathan tried to calm his brother down because he was driving everyone crazy while Jennifer was with Anne, it was a wild night. Everyone was healthy and happy, and tired.
The early morning sun on this May day was warm, not a cloud in sight, a nice breeze was blowing in from the ocean. Jonathan wasn’t sure if he was ready to drive home yet.
“Do you want to take a little walk in the park?”, he asked Jennifer.
They headed towards Lone Oak Park right next to the hospital. It was beautiful with lots of trees and ponds. And it was very quiet in the morning except for the singing of the birds. Just what he needed.
They slowly walked through the park holding hands and enjoyed the quiet.
“So we’re aunt and uncle now, I guess that means a lot of babysitting.”, Jennifer said.
Jonathan smiled.
“You’re gonna be great at babysitting.”
“Hey, what about you? I’m not going to do that alone.”
“I have no idea what to do with babies.”
“Do you think I do?”, Jennifer chuckled.
“I guess we’ll figure it out when the time comes. And Anne and Thomas are probably going to tell us what to do.”
“Do you think we would have made good parents?”, Jennifer asked after a while.
“I’m sure you would have been a great mother. Don’t know about me, I always thought I have too many issues to be a father.”
“Come on, you’d be a wonderful father, despite everything you’ve been through. Maybe even because of that.”
“I wonder what our life would be like now if we ever had children.”, Jonathan wondered knowing they would never find out. Jennifer couldn’t have kids ever since she was in an accident as a teenager. Back then she was really struggling with that but Jonathan had been there for her, they went through this together.
“It would probably be very different. Maybe we’d have stayed in Vancouver or moved to Germany.”
“And maybe your dad wouldn’t hate me?”
“He doesn’t hate you, he just… has a very low opinion of you.”
Jonathan chuckled. “That’s so much better.”
They reached one of the ponds, the ducks were still mostly asleep. There were park benches and they decided to sit down for a while.
“You know what?”, Jonathan asked. “I love our life just as it is now. I love our house, our cats, our family, I love you. I think it’s perfect.”
Jennifer smiled. “You’re right, it’s perfect.” She gave him a kiss.
“Though I’m kinda hungry”, Jonathan added.
“Of course you are. We should get breakfast.” They stood up from the bench. “How’s your leg today?”, she asked him,
“A little stiff but it’s alright. Let’s go.”
They left the park just as they entered it, holding hands. Jonathan couldn’t wait to get something to eat. He felt like having waffles today…

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